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Blue Lace Agate (Gem Grade)
83mm / 108g


XL Malachite
127mm / 572g


XL Celestite
114mm / 822g


Rose Quartz Heart
114mm / 569g



Welcome to the official website of one of the worlds leading suppliers for genuine gemstones, fossils and mineral specimens. Dealing with hobbyists, private collectors, museums and even celebrities, I have products for all price ranges and extensive knowledge in Geology and Palaeontology. All products are tested and many are even prepped by myself to assure authenticity. I do have an eBay store but I always have more stock not yet listed so just drop me an email for better prices and an idea of what I currently have available.

After many months away this year my new stock is all starting to gradually arrive! World class fossils, some beautiful faceted gemstones and some excellent mineral specimens also. I have a large shipment of Citrine & Malachite from Congo also due in by November due to high demand but many pieces are already reserved by regular customers so get in touch asap.

My guides are made with my expert knowledge to help aid new and experienced buyers spot the fake items and help crack down on the masses of fake products on the market today.